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Sleepytime Soap Bar

Sleepytime Soap Bar

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Introducing our Sleepytime Soap Bar, specially designed for your little one's delicate skin. Now available in a convenient 3oz size, each bar is individually wrapped to ensure freshness and hygiene.

Crafted with a shea butter base, this soap bar offers a moisturizing lather that gently cleanses while providing nourishment to your baby's skin. Our formula is thoughtfully hand-blended with organic lavender essential oil and vitamin E, known for their protective and nourishing properties.

Not only does it cleanse, but it also leaves your baby's skin feeling soft and smooth. We understand the importance of maintaining the natural moisture balance of your little one's skin, and that's why our Sleepytime Soap Bar is carefully formulated to be gentle and effective.

Give your baby a soothing bath time experience with the Sleepytime Soap Bar. It's a perfect addition to your little one's skincare routine, ensuring their skin stays healthy and moisturized.

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