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Patchouli + Vanilla Body Oil

Patchouli + Vanilla Body Oil

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The Patchouli + Vanilla Fragrance Scent is a captivating blend that combines the earthy and musky notes of patchouli with the sweet and creamy aroma of vanilla. The fragrance opens with a rich and exotic burst of patchouli, creating a sense of depth and mystery. As the scent develops, the warm and comforting notes of vanilla emerge, balancing the earthiness of patchouli and adding a touch of sweetness. The combination of patchouli and vanilla creates a captivating and sensual fragrance that leaves a lingering trail of intrigue and allure.

Patchouli + Vanilla Body Oil, our body oil is the perfect lite weight blend for soothing and relaxing massages that enhance your skin beyond moisturizing. Each oil is carefully chosen to provide the necessary vitamin and minerals to improve your skin health and appearance. Can be used on your scalp to your feet. Contains: apricot kernel oil, marula oil, sweet almond oil, carrot oil, vitamin e, vitamin a, patchouli essential oil, vanilla extract

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