Spa Day: Facial Mask Class | July 19th 6pm-7pm

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Learn how to formulate your own clay mask during this class using high quality herbal extracts and DIY ingredients during this class. I will teach you the many secrets of how to detox your skin and treat your own acne, blemishes and scars to fulfill your basic skincare needs.

Let me assist you with reducing your acne, rejuvenating your mature skin, and detoxifying your face. You will have an opportunity to apply your mask in class and leave with  4 ounces of your very own mask...created by you.

Apart from helping you find the right skin, bath, body, face and aromatherapy products and protect your skin, we also strive to educate our customers and show them the benefits of natural products. Thanks to our wide network of partners, we are able to source the highest quality organic products from every corner of the world. To ensure your 100% satisfaction, we hand-select each product we offer and carefully vet our selection to ensure it’s free of any harmful substances, toxic chemicals or any irritants.


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