Formation Soap Bar

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Our Formation Soap Bar is inspired by the brilliance, strength and artistic magnitude that Beyonce embodies as an artist. 

Our Formation Soap contains organic coconut oil, sustainable organic palm butter, organic olive oil which provides an amazing lather and moisture. The Formation Bar is scented with cedar wood essential oil and notes of sweet pea to represent the strength and vulnerability of Formation. Formation Soap Bar is colored with activated charcoal which is another sign of strength and the pink streak being balance of strength and vulnerability. Each bar has a honeycomb texture on the bottom to represent Bey’s Beyhive as the foundation. And garnished with rose buds to represent growth.

This is not in any way directly associated with Beyonce or her brand. It is merely inspired artistic representation from the imagination of the creative director of Organically Bath & Beauty. Thank you for reading more about our #inspo soap bar.