Eczema Skincare Series | July 26th 1pm-230pm

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Apart from helping you find the right skin, bath, body, face and aromatherapy products and protect your skin, we also strive to educate our customers and show them the benefits of natural products. Thanks to our wide network of partners, we are able to source the highest quality organic products from every corner of the world. To ensure your 100% satisfaction, we hand-select each product we offer and carefully vet our selection to ensure it’s free of any harmful substances, toxic chemicals or any irritants.

We invite you to receive helpful nutritional tips from a licensed nutritionist and skincare tips from Organically Bath & Beauty with proven results. You will receive important literature on how to manage eczema and $60 in products to nourish and heal eczema skin rashes. You will go home with the tools you need to help yourself, your child, family members and or friends.  


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