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Baby Oat Soap Bar

Baby Oat Soap Bar

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The Baby Oat Soap Bar is now available in a 5oz individually wrapped soap bar, perfect for your little one's delicate skin. Made with a shea butter base, this soap bar provides a moisturizing lather that gently cleanses while nourishing your baby's skin. The soap bar is hand-blended with grated gluten-free oats and vitamin E to protect and nourish your little one's skin, leaving it soft and smooth.

The soap bar is made with high-quality organic ingredients, including organic coconut oil, sustainable palm oil, organic olive oil, and oat protein to condition the skin. Gluten-free oats are added to soothe and nourish the skin, while vitamin E provides a protective barrier against environmental stressors.

The Baby Oat Soap Bar is free from harmful chemicals and uses only natural ingredients to gently cleanse and moisturize your baby's delicate skin. It is perfect for babies with sensitive skin or those prone to eczema, as it is gentle and non-irritating.

Overall, the Baby Oat Soap Bar is a gentle and nourishing soap bar that is perfect for your little one's delicate skin. With its natural and organic ingredients, it provides a safe and effective way to keep your baby's skin clean, soft, and healthy.

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