Order Status

We are currently working on all orders but if you are specifically tracking the $2 Soap Sale orders we are working on dates between August 22nd and August 23rd. The sale ended August 29th. These ingredients are coming in slower than normal which has caused a delay along with other factors beyond our control.  Once your order has been processed, you will receive tracking information. 90% of these orders are shipping via ups to speed up transit times. If you have not received tracking information it is likely because your order has not shipped at this time. Please only email us if your order was placed prior to the current order processing period and you have not received any tracking information. If you email before your order processing period you will receive the same response as above. We are experiencing a delay due to staff shortage related to COVID-19, training new staff and our ONCE in a lifetime $2 Soap Sale. We appreciate the support we received for this sale and did not anticipate the level of participation from new customers. We are processing orders as quickly as possible.