What is the shelf life of your products?

Our mission is to deliver you the very best without harmful additives. Therefore we guarantee a 6 month shelf life on our products without fear of harmful ingredients and the peace of great products with amazing results.

What is the shipping time-frame?
We make 95% of orders as they are placed to ensure that you receive the very best skincare has to offer. Occasionally we have a recent batch just made but typically our orders are made to order and typically ship 1-3 days after placed. 
Do you offer custom orders?
We do offer custom orders but we ask that you email or call so we are able to send a custom invoice. Custom orders are an additional $2 per product. 
Do you offer private bath bomb events?
Our Fizzologist handles all bath bomb events. Bookings can be made online under the menu option Private Event Booking. Our Lead Fizzologist contacts you directly to confirm details for your event within 24hrs to make it extra special. Please email events@organicallyinc.com or call 210-370-3938 if you have any questions.
How do I sign up for bath bomb classes?
Our public classes are offered occasionally and tickets can be purchased here under the tab "Classes". Due to the high demand for private events classes are offered 1-2 times a month. Please subscribe to our newsletter and OBB Creative Hour Instagram for the latest class schedule.