OBB Creative Hour: Did you know?

Have you heard about our Bath Bomb Classes or Soap Making Classes and you’re asking how did this come about?! We started making products in 2013 because our daughter Jordan developed severe eczema at six years old. We wanted nontoxic products that promoted healing with long term benefits. After much encouragement from family and friends to sell our products instead of giving them away we began to explore the possibilities in late 2015.

It was in February 2016 we transformed our amazing products into supplemental income. The launch of our products couldn't have come at a better time for our family. We’re a large family of 8 and quickly found that our job salaries would never offer us family vacations and small extras for our children because we barely could afford time off for wellness visits. We were the definition of the working poor. It’s not to say we don’t have struggles as a small business but the ability to actively participate in our children lives beyond dinner and school drop off has added a sense of freedom and quality of life. 

I love making our products, it is possibly my second most relaxing activity besides meditation. It’s through this joy I launched OBB Creative Hour. In a highly demanding career as a social worker I found peace in making soaps and more. It may be the amazing aroma of essential oils or the relaxing hand manipulation that takes place as I make each product. Often time making bath bombs feels like running my hands through cool wet sand. 

Our OBB Creative Hour allows our customers to experience a bit of that peace and joy. It’s wonderful to have an activity that’s naturally relaxing and restoring. But also creative and fun! You take home products you make for yourself or as gifts for others. You know each ingredient and it’s all natural, vegan and nontoxic ingredients. Who can resist bath bombs or soap bars?! Give the gift of self-care and relaxation to yourself, a loved one or friend. Sign up for one of our DIY Classes Today! 

- Kela

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