Start with you...

Living green and going organic can be a major life adjustment. It's not an overnight undertaking. For our family it took three years to convert our lifestyle and we are still learning. When I changed my diet no one was on board and that's pretty typical for change it's why I encourage others to start with yourself. I noticed the more I ate organic and ate less meat everyone became fascinated with my diet and began asking to taste my meals. Yes I would prepare separate meals for my family when asked. I have a house full of picky eaters but who doesn't nowadays. Soon they realized my healthier meals were delicious of course because I cooked it, insert laugh here lol. But seriously my family has shown great favor for my cooking thankfully.

Three years ago I didn't have a garden but now I do. Everything we do is a gradual progression. And that's the most natural thing we can do. Start making the changes you want to see with yourself. Go for a jog, incorporate a new recipe weekly, mediate once a day, research your skincare ingredients, cut out one processed food but go at it at your own pace. Be more concerned about your inner peace and less about what everyone else is you.

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