Skincare for Wellness

Organically Inc is built on the foundation of wellness and holistic skincare. Not only about enhancing and preserving beauty but also about caring for the body from its core. In a world where skincare is a billion dollar industry how do you discern from profitable marketing campaigns and true wellness. 

Be an informed consumer. It starts with reasearch and minimalist principles. Look for labels with words that you understand and look up the words you don't understand. Search engines are readily available at your fingertips in every smart phone. An informed consumer ask intriguing questions and keep companies accountable. I love when I can hold conversations about preservatives, extracts, essential oils and much more. It makes my working all the more rewarding. 

Look for our next blog post outlining the top skincare ingredients that keep your skin flawless. And be sure to subscribe to #thebox. February subscription box will be loaded with our skin care line....retails at $65. Subscribe for $20 and FREE SHIPPING. 

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