San Antonio Best In Bathtime Skincare: Eco-friendly and gives back to Food Bank

We have two gift sets we're offering for your generosity. We are offering pre-orders now through December 12, 2019. Our new Luxury Set is exclusively being offered through our Holiday Fundraiser. Our goal is to sell 500 units of our New Luxury Sets. Even if you are not in the market to make a purchase at this time, please share our campaign with friends, family and coworkers.  



Organically Bath & Beauty



Organically Bath & Beauty will offer New Luxury Gift Set exclusively via pre-order to raise capital for phasing out both plastic soap wraps and plastic scrub jars. We will also use the capital for new product development. 10% of all profits will be donated to Food Bank. We will send updates weekly on our progression towards our goal of 500 gift sets. 



Now through December 12, 2019



This offer is strictly offered online to help ensure we maintain accurate mailing addresses and can easily share our data with you on a weekly basis. The reports are easily prepared through our online store.



We are are family owned and operated minority business that has been able to slowly grow through the support of our customers. You are our biggest supporters and we can't say thank you enough. We have made huge strides in replacing our plastic packaging but we are falling short on some final movements. We would appreciate your support to achieve this goal because honestly we have tried every avenue to secure capital. Its beautiful that through budgeting and resourcefulness and of course your support we have accomplished a great deal over the years. 



All you have to do is order our New Lavender & Eucalyptus Gift Set.

You may order for you, friends and/or coworkers.



We will giveaway one deluxe gift set to those with the most referrals. Your friend just has to include your name in the notes of their order.

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