June: Beautiful In Your Skin

Beautiful In Your Skin

San Antonio Organically Bath & Beauty is celebrating Beautiful In Your Skin Month. June is the celebration of self-love and care. We are all about opening the doors to a healthier self. 

June ushers in summer and all its delights but we often receive questions about how do I recover from lack of self-care during the winter months. One of the sweetest moments was being in the boutique and a customer wants to improve her feet. She states that they are very dry. Many of us have been there. She sampled our Rosewater Whipped Body Mousse and our Gardenia Whipped  Body Scrub on her hands which also had been dry. Her next words were "Whats in that stuff! It's amazing!" We looked at the ingredients and she was in awe. Every word she recognized and could pronounce. This is our mission to provide transparent products without the cheap yuck and fillers. This month will be giving out body scrub sample on the second and fourth weeks of June.

Top 4 Must Do 


Drinking 6-8 glasses of water daily does not necessarily mean that your skin will be automatically hydrated. The water you consume daily first goes through your intestines where it gets absorbed into your bloodstream is filtered by your kidneys and is absorbed by cells in your skin and other organs aiding in your bodies hydration. The moisture in your skin can be preserved by avoiding the use of harsh soaps that can strip away natural oils. Instead, use a mild, non-abrasive, alcohol-free cleanser.

Use Alcohol-Free Cleansers:

Do not over-wash your face. Excess washing strips your skin of the protective oils that assist in trapping moisture. Use a facial wash once a day and an alcohol-free facial toner for refreshers.


Getting rid of dry, dead skin cells can leave your skin looking smoother and supple. Over exfoliation can cause more harm than good to your skin. Start by testing any new product on a small area of your face and watch to see how your skin reacts. The proper exfoliation for your skin type should leave your skin looking and feeling smoother and refreshed. You can start exfoliating once a week and can go up to three times per week depending on your skin sensitivity. Over manipulating the skin is a big NO!


Moisturize your skin daily, this will make your skin look younger and brighter. Customers are often under the impression that because they have oily skin but this is false.

Oily Skin

  1. Use a mask 2-3 times a week. Masks help reduce the oily appearance on the face for days at a time

  2. Exfoliate 2-3 times a week

  3. Try witch hazel based toner before applying makeup

  4. Use a light moisturizer

  5. Use oil-free cosmetics




Kevin's Father's Day Picks

Father's Day is June 17th! Do you have a gift for Dad? Kevin is well rehearsed in what not to get dad. We try really hard. This year we asked him what would be the best picks that any dad would love.

1. This year he is going with Summer Seas any and everything. We currently carry it in a soap bar and bath bomb which are both amazing. This is something we certainly agree about, both contain dead sea salt and a nice ocean-fresh fragrance. The color is pretty cool too which makes it even better.

2. Vanilla Rosewood Shaving Cream is so yummy to smell and provides such a smooth and healing shave. The aloe vera and vitamin e have made it a true favorite amongst men and wives who admit using a dab occasionally to shave. 

3. LUX Line including LUX Soap Bar is a fave of all and of course, would make a perfect gift. The fresh citrus notes are lovely and summer perfection.

4. Black Soap is the perfect cleanser and therefore the perfect bar for dad to keep his complexion clear and even.

5. Vanilla Rosewood Beard Balm is amazing. It's not greasy nor not a hard waxy balm that you have to heat to you. It has the perfect texture and the scent is the balance of sweet and woody. Great for taming dad's beard and moisturizing to prevent an itchy beard.

6. Matcha & Tea Tree is a relatively new soap bar that is great for balancing pH and detoxing. Try out the shea butter bar.

7. Bring Dad to Sip & Create on June 15th...

Happy Father's Day to all the amazing guys out there!


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