Allow us to Re-Introduce Ourselves

2016 Tightrope

We are the quirky soap people with a large family and lots of dream. That sums it up lol. If you’ve been to our markets or a convention and met us chances are you know about our humble beginnings. How everything started from the famous Oatmeal Soap Bar. We now fill appropriately 400-500 orders a month.

As we approach our 1 year Anniversary it’s only befitting that I continue this tale of our lives and recap the last year. On February 15, 2016 we launched and it has been full of smiles, triumphs but also tears and disappointments. It was mostly me crying btw. Kevin is the chipper one that said let’s get out there and try again. Mr. Ying to my Yang. The human experience is like that though.  We rode the waves of ebbs and lows and kept learning and adding to our entrepreneurial toolbox. I like to believe that Kevin and I hold a robust pot of creativity and ingenuity but entrepreneurship is perhaps one the most brave and crazy things I have ever done. And that’s coming from a woman who birthed 5 children and two being under the age of 3 years.

Let’s call 2016 Tightrope. Btw I love Janelle Monáe so Tightrope was a natural theme song considering the year. We tried everything in 2016. We went to every market and tried a number of conventions in the hope to spread the word. Organically Inc is live! Introducing our recipes to the world and even making changes along the way. We have seen rapid growth over the last 11 months. Our Facebook and Instagram following has tripled. I remember at one point we had 75 Facebook likes last year and now we have 770 likes today. Social Media has been instrumental to our success.  

Taking our product to market taught us that our soap bars collect moisture from its environment so rainy days were disastrous to our inventory. However we now shrink wrap our soap bars to protect them. And this has saved us completely. And when our Whipped Body Mousse melted on those hot Texas days. We quickly learned to put our Whipped Body Mousse under the table at markets and events. We are constantly changing our booth setups to make them appeasing to the eye and shopper friendly. All that to say that 2016 was a huge learning experience and I’m eternally grateful for each lesson no matter how much I cried initially lol. Our Noah was four months when we started markets and he turned one in November, wow how times flies.

Common questions…

We make every product on our site. We consult with estheticians and our products are thoroughly tested but not on animals.

None of our products contain any animal products. We carefully examine every ingredient.

We use mica and other natural ingredients such as turmeric, charcoal and etc. for coloring. Each ingredient is clearly labeled on packaging.

We guarantee a 6 month shelf life on our products. We do not use parabens and other chemical preservatives.

We make each product fresh to order. That’s our concept. Our beauty products are so natural and fresh they are much like cooking and recipes…you don’t have to worry about a product that’s old and outdated.

When do we find the time to make products? Somehow every day.



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