Marigolds in organic gardening

Marigolds are amazing but to appreciate them you have to understand an organic gardener worst nightmare. Can you imagine? All of your delicious greens and squash are devoured by nematode. Little buggies that nibble from the inside out all of your beautiful fruits and vegtables. This can happen in a matter of 24-48hrs. It's a devastating feat after watching your garden flourish and then overnight go wilted and lifeless. Marigolds plants are amazing interveners  I recommend planning your marigolds as you decide which vegetables and fruits you will plant for the season. You may be asking what do marigolds do exactly.

Marigold plants, and especially roots, contain a chemical called alpha-terthienyl, which is toxic to harmful nematodes and has been shown to have antifungal and some antiviral properties. There is no better organic solution to counteract nematode pests, and if certain diseases are also dissuaded by marigolds, then there’s no reason not to plant them alongside tomatoes and other veggies. Buggies devoured! 

This season I will get to harvest my carrots and make carrot oils for amazing hair products. 

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