Organic Gardening

This may seem a bit off topic but Organically Inc is all about finding the most natural way to live and leaving the earth better than we have found it. 

Organic gardening is an important facet of this way of life. We have a family of six children; three girls and three boys. We try to shop around at both farmer markets and groceries bills. But can you imagine our grocery bill? 

Our garden was born out of both necessity and adventure. I've  always wanted a garden but as our grocery bills had continue to rise I realized maybe it shouldn't just be an idea but perhaps it was time to put it in motion. 

I'm sure it seems like a complicated process but I will attempt to simplify this process. I admit ahead of time my dad helped in the beginning. He was the amazing force behind my raised beds. It was pretty simple. I think I spent $30 on lumber and other items. One thing I wish I had done at first was to put a thin layer of rocks down before lining my garden beds with black plastic. The black plastic is to stop my soil from mixing with the soil in my yard to avoid contamination.

Use the measuring tape to measure out the dimensions of the garden bed. You can make your purchase at your local hardware store or Craiglist for strap lumber but make sure it's untreated wood. I went to Lowes for all my supplies and when I told the customer service rep about my plan she was very helpful including walking me through the store for every item on my list. 

Take all your goodies home and let's get started. After your beds are built its time to start putting in the recipe for greatness. I contacted a local plant nursery and they gladly dumped 1 yard of a special blend of soil on my driveway for $100 and that included delivery. If you are lucky enough to have access to a pickup truck then you can cut that price in half. But you will need a wheel barrel to move your soil unless you're patient and don't mind carrying buckets back and forward. 

Line your raised garden bed with a thick plastic. Ensure to make small holes to help with drainage. And remember my tip about lining your garden bed with rocks before laying down your plastic. Now that you have a raised garden bed of soil....what's next?! It's time to plant some goodies. I'm now harvesting tomatoes in San Antonio...this may go on for some time because my tomato plant is thriving and growing. But keep in mind that you must plant according your region climate. 

Raised bed gardens are an efficient way to save on your grocery bill. If you have questions please ask and I will ensure to post awesome tips...stay tuned. I save approximately $2000 a year on groceries. What can you do with $2000? 


Photo credit: Terri Echols (my little girl)

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