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Our first week is coming to a close officially Monday February 22nd. This week we launched Organically Inc., our family owned business with the desire to share quality health and beauty products at an affordable price range that doesn't compromise safety. We know all too well that time and convenience are extremely important. Organically Inc. puts your mind at ease by offering a brand that you can invite into your home. We select responsible suppliers who offer certified organic ingredients and we are continuously researching. 


This week we are featuring our Peppermint Perfection Soap. It's such a yummy soap. Well it smells yummy, not meant as a snack. Its an organic soap blend of peppermint essential oil, bentonite clay, chia seeds and vitamin e. This blend gently exfoliates and detoxifies your skin, drawing out toxins. Its beneficial in clearing pimples, tightening your skin and eliminates fine lines to keep your skin vibrant.

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